The Benefit of Become an Entrepreneur

There are many reasons to become entrepreneur. Most of them are because of the benefit of become entrepreneur which is become boss in our own business, freedom to realize our idea, freedom in work time and unmetered reward or income.

Become boss in their own business. Work as employee is ordinary thing but become a boss is desire for people. If people become entrepreneur, they will have full authority and control in their own company.

Freedom to explore idea. As entrepreneur people are free to think and create their own business idea, even its sound crazy or unordinary. As long as the idea is realistic and possible to execute, that’s ok. Become entrepreneur is need creativity and think out of the box because it useful for build competitive advantage. The idea usually comes from people passion, hobby and unexpected opportunity or ideas that haven’t thinks before.

Freedom in work time. Entrepreneur is not have regular work time, they can work as they want. There are no rules of time for working but they have to deal with many things and always maintain their business. It very enjoyable because we can set work time and decide to not work or going holiday everytime.

Unmetered reward or income. Not surprisingly that income for entrepreneur could be larger rather than employee depends on the how big is the business. Entrepreneur income is rely on how their business generate profit. Their income will increase as their business growth. Unlike the employee that the income is depends on their job position, entrepreneur income is depend on their own business performance.


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