Adapting Your Message to Your Audience

Understand expectation from your organization.

– Understanding our audience is the key success of any message.

– We have to understand what “counts” in our organization by analyzing what is our job description, organization needs and boss expectation.


Define audiences for messages.

–  An initial audience is the first who get message and may give message.

– Gatekeeper has privileges to control the message before it send to primary audience.

– Primary audience will decide to take action after receive the message.

– Secondary audience could give comment from the message and may implements the message or recommendation.

– Watchdog has some power such as politic, economic and social. They will make action based on evaluation of the message.


Apply strategy for audience analysis with PAIBOC.

Good business communication is focus on the audience

P Purpose of your writing
A Your audience
I Information that you should include in your message
B What count as Benefits or good reason based on the audience
O Objections that we expect from our readers to have
C The effect of Context to readers response

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